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mood rings with flowers
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There Shall Be No Annual Dinner”
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No. 1 BOSS: high-level military governor Nain tus
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Mood Ring, What do the Colors of a Mood Ring Mean

What do the Colors of a Mood Ring Mean - Mood ring means the ring will show a certain color to express the emotion of the user. It is interesting of course. Mood ring was quite popular back then in the 70’s. And it seems the mood ring wants to take the golden era once more.… Read More »

Mood Ring Colors and Meanings, Time to Know Your Mood

Mood Ring Colors and Meanings - Mood ring is a unique ring with the ability to show you the mood of the wearer. This ring was invented by the New York inventors, Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats, in 1975. The mood ring is filled with thermochromic liquid crystal. The liquid crystal is usually used in the… Read More »

No More Confuse with What do the Colors on a Mood Ring Mean

What do the colors on a mood ring mean - Mood ring is a ring which said can show the mood of its wearer. The mood ring was invented by Josh Reynolds in 1975, and became a popular finger ornament in 1970s, and still enjoy its popularity until now. Although it is said that this ring… Read More »

What are the Mood Ring Colors Meanings?

Mood Ring Colors Meanings - A mood ring is a unique and inexpensive ring. This kind of ring known for its ability to show the mood of its wearer. The ring which was invented by two New York inventors, Joshua Reynolds and Maris Ambats in 1975, can change the color automatically according to the mood or… Read More »