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Ring-necked snake fact page- ' snake? - oplin, Appearance. the ring-necked snake is a small and slender snake. its ground color is olive, brown, gray or black. just behind the neck and around the neck is a light. What kind snake yellow ring neck? | ehow, The ringneck snake, a small reptile identified easily by the yellow ring around its neck, has a wide range in the united states. this harmless species is shy and. Eek! - critter corner - prairie ring-necked snake, Prairie ring-necked snake. wisconsin status: special concern. length: 12-14 inches. this small, 14-inch snake is found in wisconsin's prairies in the southwestern.

Diadophis punctatus - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Diadophis punctatus, commonly ring-necked snake ringneck snake, harmless species colubrid snake united states. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diadophis_punctatus Pa herp identification » northern ring-necked snake, Pennsylvania herp identification educational tool public reptiles amphibians pennsylvania. project aims create. http://www.paherps.com/herps/snakes/ringneck/ What black snake orange stripe? | ., Related questions. : black snake white stripes? : black snake white stripes california kingsnake, eastern kingsnake, common garter. http://www.ask.com/pets-animals/black-snake-orange-stripe-54ac4e97d6c66546

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