The Benefit of Printable Ring Sizer for Women

Printable Ring Sizer for Women - Getting fit and comfortable ring is also important besides the beautiful and stunning ring for your engagement or wedding. Whatever gemstone or metals chosen for your ring, you can’t wear the ring in your finger when it doesn’t fit your finger. Ring size plays a great role in considering proper and appropriate… Read More »

What does a promise ring mean? And Reason of Changing and Giving It

What does a promise ring mean - The promise ring is the unpopular jewelry and not all of people know what promise ring and what does a promise ring mean. In this article will be reviewed the mean and overview of the promise ring. The jewelry can used to express a certain feeling from someone to… Read More »

How to Wear a Claddagh Ring as marital Status Signal

How to wear a claddagh ring - There are many designs and decoration in a ring. Ring is the jewelry which is used as token to express your feeling to friends, couple, or others your beloved one in your life. Claddagh is one of ring which is used to as token of friendship, engagement, love, and… Read More »

How to Figure Out Ring Size for Busy People

How to figure out ring size - In the 21 century, most people have the busy activities in their life especially for the city residence that spend most of their time in the office. The busy activities make many people do not enough time to manage their life. For the ultimate life need they always run… Read More »

Design Ring for Young Couple

Design ring for couple - The design of the ring can be different in all of the age and social classes. The design of ring is suited with their need and personalities. The different personalities and social classes makes the ring store produces the attractive ring design. The ring design which is exciting to be reviewed is… Read More »

What’s a promise ring: Commitment Ring

What’s a promise ring? Promise ring is ring of commitment. This ring is commonly worn by people who want to have commitment of relationship. The commitment can be between man and woman as couple, friends, or religion. This ring is to sign other people that the wearers are having special commitment. This article will discuss… Read More »

Guide to Engagement – What’s Her Ring Size?

Guide to Engagement | Couples start getting engaged in several ways. Some couples search for diamond engagement rings together, giving the lady the chance to choose everything of her gemstone, while some skip the tradition from the gemstone altogether. Still, many males want the excitement of the surprise proposal, filled with giving a special someone an… Read More »

How to Take Care Sterling Silver Ring

Sterling silver is silver in combination of 95% silver and 5% other metal. It is usually combined with copper. Sterling silver can be used for many kinds of jewelry as ring, bracelet, necklace, and earrings. While sterling silver jewelry is not pure 100% silver, if you have it one, you still need to take care… Read More »

Rose Gold Ring for Your Engagement Ring and Breast Cancer

Rose Gold Ring | Ring has many function in this life, besides it is very useful for your style in fashion thing, ring is also can represent something. There are many kinds of ring out there, from the material of the ring was made of to the precious stone the ring worn on it. In this… Read More »